Every Brand Has a Story This is MadPipe's Story

"We need more companies organized around good ideas sooner." - Daniel DiGriz

The Cause

MadPipe® does this for a reason.

We need more good ideas sooner.

To thrive in a future of seismic changes, we need companies to innovate faster. They do that when they break the competitive stalemate in their industry with a compelling brand story and strong methods for delivering it. We need them to prosper.

MadPipe Solves That Problem.

We enlist an organization's audience into loyalty and support by subsidizing the company's ingenuity with messaging, marketing campaigns, and brand advocate training.

Good Ideas
Daniel DIGriz, CEO of MadPipe

The Founder is On a Mission:

"I'm a brand evangelist for businesses that want a broader, mutually fruitful connection to their audience—not only for more rapid growth but so that, through growth, they can innovate more rapidly."

Help Good Companies Innovate.

"Innovation has enabled me to flourish in a world of rigorous challenges. Hard work, new ideas, and a sense of mission helped me prosper through two international financial crises. I want to contribute meaningfully now to our possible future."

MadPipe is Looking for a Few Good Clients.

We want to work with companies with the best ideas in their industries who are committed to forming mutually beneficial relationships with their prospects.

We Aim to Make You Rich with Revenue.

MadPipe is committed to aligning creativity with revenue-generation in an organization. The alliances thus formed have the resources to succeed—and without them nothing succeeds. 


"MadPipe has been instrumental in getting us to organize our strategy."

Anthony Davenport
CEO, Regal Credit Management

The Trivia

The bottom line is you.


MadPipe just celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2018. It was founded in 2008 by Daniel DiGriz, after a previous decade in sales, marketing and corporate education for Fortune 500 companies.


MadPipe works with organizations from 2.5 to 25 million in annual revenue, including B2B, B2C, underwritten non-profits with a business focus, and venture-funded startups.

Time in Business - more than 10 years
shipping and logistics NYC


MadPipe serves clients throughout the English-speaking world, in any of countless industries: IT, logistics, creative, education and on. MadPipe is deliberately industry agnostic.

By leveraging insights across industries, MadPipe is able to help individual clients disrupt and innovate in unexpected ways. The competition never sees us coming.

The drawback to industry-specific solutions is the client gets cookie-cutter programs that don’t actually duplicate success. 

Back Story

Never forget where you've been.

MarketMoose was a five year social enterprise to protect and defend mom and pop businesses from the worst effects of the financial crash of 2007. MarketMoose helped companies survive and thrive during a serious crisis through marketing and technology education. Brand proposition: "The Moose will keep you in business, and you'll keep the Moose in business."

By 2012, the economy had experienced unprecedented recovery. MarketMoose founder and serial entrepreneur Daniel DiGriz rebranded the company with a new aspirational vision for a new constituency, & relocated the HQ to New York—an intention hinted at in the backdrop of the old logo. Brand proposition: "You'll prosper—therefore MadPipe will prosper."

What Remains the Same

MadPipe helps businesses prosper by finding and telling their brand story, executing messaging and marketing campaigns that align with the revenue center of the company, training sales teams to extend their effectiveness by supporting the effort, and recruiting brand advocates by engaging employees and end-users at the level of their core motivations. The goal is still that the good companies thrive and bring the best ideas to market.

These Values

MadPipe is passionate about:


Paint a target on your business objective, and MadPipe gets it for you. It’s amazing how many vendors don’t think like a business–let alone a business partner. You can drop MadPipe seamlessly into your operation, and we'll start moving the needle incrementally toward your bottom line.


MadPipe brings a project mindset to continuous work, eliminating inefficiencies and taking the shortest path to value. What gets us all there is by MOTIVATING others, so your constituents and colleagues want to buy. MadPipe applies a leadership process that religiously assigns and documents deliverables and deadlines while routinely underscoring achievements.


We don't hide being smart. More importantly, we should remember your clients are smart, and the best people in your organization are, too. So MadPipe is committed to tapping that fundamental genius rather than hitting people with 'dumb' marketing messages. Let your competition do that.


Time is too precious not to call a thing what it is. MadPipe often needs to push back, have candid talks, question a particular strategy, or challenge an assumption—all in service to you and your goals. That also means admitting when there's an oversight or imperfection and asking you too to acknowledge if you're not all-in on commitment or don't fully believe. MadPipe can take it.

MADPIPE’S CULTURE & PHILOSOPHY Everything flows to your door.®

Successful marketing has two realities in common with transformative learning.


Any compelling narrative incorporates all participants’ intrinsic motivations, resulting in a primordial template for describing in advance how our personal aspirations are to be attained.


In any effective ecosystem, each participant is nurtured by an exchange of value for value. Each party derives benefit from the contribution of the others & is satisfied with a net positive result.

When both of those elements are present, roadblocks tumble, expectations are exceeded, and goals are profoundly achieved.

The Vibe

Yeah, it does matter.


We think connecting with people as full emotional beings requires laughter. Anywhere you look that tries to remain inviolably serious becomes ripe for disruption, because human beings cherish fun. You're going to see us cracking a smile.


We talk about it a lot, because it's the most ancient form of messaging, marketing, and human communication. Even non-human species engage in it. Look to the oldest relics we have, they're cave drawings, notches, and the rudiments of tales. Story is how we came to thrive as a species. It's an evolutionary imperative, because it embodies aspiration.

Humor in Marketing
Fine Art and Design in Marketing


We try, as you'll notice throughout this site, to rely on images that are of a grade of nuance approaching fine art. MadPipe cares about this, because the human creature is inspired to live optimally by beauty—but actually by intelligent beauty.

It's axiomatic that Apple revolutionized design, with the simple acknowledgement that technology should be integrated into our lives and become a vehicle for elegance and simplicity—yes, even beauty. That is applicable not just to technology but to the work you do, the work of MadPipe, and the most profound inclinations of the market.

"Drive Hard"

(MadPipe Commercial)

4 Questions

Business advisors ask MadPipe:

  • What does MadPipe do?

    Lead your campaigns from ideation to business results. If you can sell, MadPipe can make you better.

  • Why MadPipe?

    Simply—the way MadPipe tells a story, illustrates the point with content, and walks the talk.

  • Who does MadPipe do it for?

    Sales teams, product leaders, & brand marketing departments.

  • How is MadPipe different?

    Plain talk—direct, blunt, remorseless loyalty to your goals.

What every coach asks.
MadPipe is not coaching. MadPipe snacks on coaches.

You've Sampled Other Alternatives

All = heavy opportunity costs.

Do it Yourself (DIY)


Taking your eyes off operations costs focus and productivity that are essential to revenue.

Hire Freelancers


With freelancers, you spend energy training and supervising. You still manage the project.

A Traditional Consulting Firm


Proprietary agency processes are prone to simulated progress and superficial results.

Hire Full Time Management


Too much overhead wasted on full-time oversight. Adding a desk doesn't equal value.

The solution is fractional leadership.

MadPipe goes after your desired outcomes, while you focus on operations and overall growth. We'll get our own desks.

Success is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.


Marketing Team


We treat all engagements, even long term ones, like projects: keeping the team as small as feasible (no standing army of unnecessary talent), setting clear milestones for incremental achievement, and planning/executing in tandem. Yet, MadPipe can scale output rapidly as an organization broadens its goals.

Educational Leadership


Aligning Marketing with the Revenue center and Education with the Mission center of an organization means the client is PART of the team. MadPipe does not go off to generate results from a silo.

Marketing Director: Daniel DiGriz

Digital Ecologist®, CEO


MadPipe’s network includes a wide range of highly skilled experts, consultants, and vendors.

Advisory Board: Project Strategist


Client Relationships

Executive Admin


Executive Admin

Advisory Board: Business Strategist


Business Strategist

Advisory Board: Content Strategist


Content Strategist

Visual Storyteller


Visual Storyteller

data science


Data Scientist

PPC Ad Management



Copy Editor


Copy Editor

Media Editing


Media Editing

Visual Storytelling


Visual Storytelling













Content Writing


Content Writing

Content Strategy


Content Strategy

Web Design


Web Design

Social Media


Social Media







Represents Our Various Temp Hands

Office Drone

We All Have One

Represents Our Professional Services Partners

Worker Bee(s)

They Don't Have Names

Office Dog


Pep Squad

"If I'm Curt..."


Ill-Defined Problems

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