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"Regardless of industry, a human being doing the work and making sense of the numbers is going to outdo any one size fits all automated solution." - Daniel DiGriz

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Website Audit

Our baseline audit focuses on speed, security, stability, and SEO. Options for usability, content recommendations, messaging, Google search console and more. MadPipe has several types of audit available. Say what you need, and let's match that to the report/information and action item checklist you want.

Competitor Marketing or Positioning Audit

Insights on your top competitors content strategy, search engine tactics, marketing direction, and overall competitive strategy. Know what they're doing and how, with recommendations to beat it. MadPipe forensically investigates and reconstructs other companies' marketing and/or brand positioning strategy.

Analytics in Plain English

It's hard to make effective decisions based on cryptic data subject to multiple interpretations—or when the meaning of the metrics is obscure. Analytics without action is dorky. MadPipe will read your analytics and provide a bullet list of what it's telling you and a punch list of action items and actionable suggestions. 

Marketing Playbook

Our recommendations for what YOUR specific business should be posting, to which channels, and how often. Emails by audience. Social media. Website content. Virtual events. Short but detailed 3-5 page custom marketing plan. Don't get a thick book that sits on a shelf. Go with a plan you use all the time.

Website Upgrade

Get a MadPipe "4S" upgrade: (Speed, SEO, Security, Stability). A great design can only do so much. Each of the 4S's work together to achieve a better result. Need someone to just DO the work for you, as if the site were their own? A brief interview and access to the site, and MadPipe can do it for you.

Staff Training

You've got internal people doing marketing, but they need an edge that can only come from a combination of long-term experience, cutting-edge techniques, and a broader sales and technology-centered approach. MadPipe has trained entire sales and executive teams, rooms full of entrepreneurs and startups, as well as small pods of admins and marketers.

search engine analytics

Most marketing improvements are incremental, but some have quantum impact.

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