Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about name awareness and competition.

"Thin the herd—by being out in front of it." - Daniel DiGriz


It's not what we feel; the numbers are what's real.


Most SEOs use Google's data. But those metrics contain only PART of the story, and they're EASILY misinterpreted or misrepresented. 


You can count hits & likes, but they don't tell you enough. It's the least important data: what's the $value of a "like"? Metrics should match actual business goals. 


Raw data isn't ANALYTICS. You need actionable analysis, not just numbers—and better numbers than you get from a downloadable report.


Demonstrate the size of field you're playing, where you’re leaving money on the table, & where the competition has ignored obvious opportunities.

You're done with reports that just spend money. We're going to tie each business goal to a metric. Search will be part of it, but not all. Let's position you like an NFL team against the competition and your own revenue objectives.

marketing metrics

There's a whole industry dedicated to the least important numbers.

Success is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.

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