Brand Story One Message Consistently Across All Channels

"Story is the basis of all marketing. That's not fluff—it's how human beings are wired." - Daniel DiGriz

Why Craft a Core Brand Narrative

The oldest form is still the norm.


The founder's story behind the company is interesting, even inspiring, but it doesn't make people buy. The growth story might appeal to investors, but customers could care less.


Without a binding, central narrative we're left slinging 'messages' at our clients haphazardly and without any convincing guidepost to anchor those messages.


The answers aren't buried deeply—they're just distributed widely. Customers have a piece. So does Operations. The salespeople know part of it. And there are a few Yodas in the mix who complain but have the keys.


Your organization's marketing, messaging, and communications will be guided by the story of what you're changing in the world and how your customers experience that change. It's there—and it's going to be brought to light.

Offer a pitch, and people excuse themselves. Tell a story, and they gather around. You've reached a level of revenue that you can be proud of. Now the risk is being comfortable. Let's take the opportunity to up our game and raise the stakes for competitors who want to take our customers.

One more spiel

won't close a deal.

What the Heck is a Brand Story?

Someone you know thinks it's this . . .

Your pilot is a success. Look at your revenue achievement. Now be the episodic SERIES.
You iterate multiple versions of your brand story via the story arc.
You know it's working when you can leverage it for multiple campaigns.
You know it has worked, when people can say it back to you.

Is his name Kevin? It's Kevin, isn't it.

An Aspirational Narrative

Is behind every choice to learn something or decision to buy.

aspirational narrative

It Goes Back 40,000 Years

Story inspired our tribes to explore & migrate . . .


And the best stories drew others to our fires.

Corporate Storytelling

Our species thrived, as a brand, because someone told effective stories.

"Every organization has a story behind it. Constituents are drawn to that story, because it fulfills our human desires and motivations. Story is the central Bonfire."

Daniel DiGriz, Digital Ecologist® at MadPipe®

Effective Brand Stories

Connect your audience to their core aspirations, and you win them for life.

brand narrative

Your Audience Will Go With You

Because your story is powerful, and your message gets across.

aspirational messaging

"Organizations succeed by producing a single brand narrative, carrying the same messages throughout the organization AND externally to the market. They fail when they don't produce an end-to-end experience." – Daniel DiGriz

An ongoing series

gets more queries.

Be "king of the hill" with a clear, sustainable story arc.

If you're still around, your pilot is a success. The series lies in telling a consistent story across as many episodes as possible.

Success is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.

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