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"Obviously, a brand that looks like everyone else isn't bold enough to be memorable." - Daniel DiGriz

Why Bother With Branding

If you want to close, be at home in your clothes.


Your competition stand out, but it's more than a color—who isn’t using some shade of blue? You want to be as recognizable as FedEx, Cisco, 3M, or Caterpillar.


You’re too close to the brand to translate the intellectual message into emotional content. You neither want it to bog down in committee nor entrust it to a lone designer.


Let’s expand your color palette and font stack without losing the old, create a simple brand guide & templates, and nail the tag line, so everyone can FEEL what you stand for.


Your branding needs to reflect the company’s tone, look like a million bucks, stay consistent (vs. all over the map), and be as identifiable as the Green Bay Packers.

MadPipe is going to work with your internal team, your designer (if you have one), our designer if you don't and we need one (you might not!), and spin your brand into a better version of itself.

branding for website

They'll know your name

when you don't look the same.

Website Branding B2B

Your brand is what people recognize about you, and then what they remember.

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