CHF 2016

Targeted Constituents and Sustainable Programming

The Goal: An arts non-profit wanted to pilot and build a successful year-long fellowship program to train working artists with business skills. The ultimate objective would be a sustainable form of educational programming that both serves its core constituency and provides justification for funding in an investment grade proposal. Additionally, it wanted to recruit a much more targeted group of constituents.

The Hurdle: Challenges included lean pool of core staff, a shoestring budget, and the need for educational expertise and structure to build a sustainable program with high standards.

Solution: MadPipe created a project plan and overall structure for the pilot program, a timeline for implementation, and the core instructional framework for delivery. We contacted each candidate for participation individually, and conducted conference calls and workshops for both participants and facilitators of the program. We also created a system for participant feedback, standards for effectiveness, and participation in the shaping of the curriculum.

Results: The non-profit has delivered a successful pilot program, received a substantial pool of qualified applicants for its second year of the program. MadPipe not only played a pivotal role in the promotion of that application cycle, but also created a system for rapidly screening and evaluating applications, an an online library/portal for maintaining educational materials.

Bottom Line: The non-profit is successfully serving a broad constituency, has doubled its intake of applicants for the fellowship and, with support from MadPipe for fleshing out the educational standards and design theory, is well on the way to its investment grade portfolio and significant funding for its program.

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