Case Study: CTSI-Global

An industry leader in enterprise logistics and business intelligence wanted to achieve ambitious revenue goals, align their marketing efforts with sales initiatives, and produce an updated brand narrative and messaging for those purposes. They needed someone from outside to marshal resources and lead the charge. MadPipe answered the call, and this is what happened . . . 

Content Program Leader

Each Stakeholder Wanted Something

Revenue growth was the biggest driver, and that meant going after more leads, more closed deals, and greater brand awareness throughout all stages of the sales funnel. Driving awareness meant, in part, featuring the product more prominently—telling that story, as part of a brand narrative communicated effectively across all marketing channels but also consistently across the organization. And that required bringing in other teams—employees, vendor relationships, partners, and customers as brand champions. It meant also satisfying clients' desire to feel they made the right choice, and to continually find things to love about the relationship.

The CEO and Executive Committee wanted more revenue.

The C-Suite

Marketing wants consistent messaging across all marketing channels.


The salespeople want more leads, more closed deals, and more sales!


Contractors, employees, vendors, and customers want to champion the brand.


The product owner wants to publicize the product roadmap.


Customer delight comes from intentionally delighting the customer - but also vendors and partners.


MadPipe Targeted: Every Part of the Revenue Funnel

MadPipe orchestrated enhanced collateral, marketing automation, social selling and lead generation training, concerted marketing campaigns, and an ongoing program of brand evangelism and advocacy designed to interest and involve the organization as a whole. We applied these efforts TOFU, MOFU, BOFU—Top, Middle and Bottom of Funnel to reach end-users throughout the entire customer lifecycle (from early awareness to active consideration, to the heady negotiations at the closing table and ongoing as existing clientele).

This is how we increased revenue.

Sales Collateral

New one-sheeters, pitch deck slides, website pages.

Marketing Automation

Autoresponders to nurture cold leads and existing clients.

How we created a marketing organization.
This is how we increased revenue.

Social Selling

Training the team on lead generation in LinkedIn.

Brand Evangelism

Rallying multiple departments for multi-channel campaigns.

How we created a marketing organization.

Not Just Marketing: It's Making the Company Better.

Anyone can create content, do some search engine optimization (SEO), and produce competitor research. And MadPipe certainly did those things. But the big picture has to rule. MadPipe created one team out of many, using a consensus model to ensure everyone in the organization got value from the marketing effort. MadPipe undergirded that effort with a compelling brand narrative to which all relevant departments contributed and behind which all parties could get. It continues to drive powerful messaging campaigns. MadPipe applied digital techniques to counter competitor inroads, and supplied consistent, reliable leadership through multiple changes in the organization. 

"We couldn't do this stuff without Daniel DiGriz and MadPipe. They're very much a huge part of our team's success."

— Richard Perry, VP of Product Management

Richard Perry - Supply Chain Expert

Results: "A Constant Gentle Pressure Can Break Bone."

The whole point of aligning the organization internal and specifically creating alignment with the revenue center of the company (Sales) is to achieve the firm's aspirational goals. There's no excuse for marketing that doesn't focus on those goals or that operates in a silo, immune from accountability. The powerful leverage of an aligned effort paired with steady, creative leadership produces "flow".


increase in website usage


more marketing qualified leads (MQL)


confirmed customers from marketing last year


increase in referral traffic
  • Increased eyes on content (brand awareness)
  • Increased new leads (engaged contacts)
  • Increased sold customers (revenue to the business)
  • Expanded global audience into new markets
  • Improved every marketing channel's performance
  • Boosted brand authority resulting in website traffic
  • Lengthened visitor engagement and collateral consumption
  • Created steady quarterly improvements

Quite Simply: The Firm Has Been Able to Rely on a Marketing Initiative That Feels Better and is Tangibly Better Than One Executed Solely In-House.

Josh Miller - Logistics Expert

"I've had the best year in sales I've ever had since MadPipe has been onboard."

— Josh Miller, VP of Sales

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