Increased Leads from Search

The Goal: A content marketing firm wanted increased to increase the share of leads coming from search and through the website vs. events and referral marketing. The ultimate objective would be a lower cost and time expenditure for acquiring leads, and more bandwidth to focus on acquiring enterprise clients.

The Hurdle: Challenges included the need to systematize the process of content creation for the company, since it required pulling time from creating content for clients projects, which ebb and flow with demand.

Solution: MadPipe built a marketing strategy focused on content marketing to create more references in search, and social media to increase social signals to search engines and further distribute content. We assembled a team of internal staff and affiliates around that strategy, created quality control standards and an easy system for implementation, as well as a website for easy end-user blogging and SEO maintenanc, and a tracking system for campaigns. The content strategy included thought leadership in the space of marketing content.

Results: 60-75% of business now comes from search. The company has been able to put more energy into growth, and is pivoting to focus on acquiring a higher percentage of enterprise clients.

Bottom Line: The business has a higher percentage of leads than ever coming from the web and is able to focus on tailoring their content to appeal to a more specific target audience. It is also in a better position to focus its networking and event efforts on acquiring enterprise clients.

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