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The Goal: A fast casual restaurant chain wanted increased first time business and repeat business to go with its expansion efforts, and increased mindshare (brand awareness and recognition, in healthy fast casual food choices. The ultimate objective would be to be in a better position for expansion and attracting investor attention.

The Hurdle: Challenges included heavy competition in healthy fast casual (many other players in the market, often with more budget), a dense market with an incredible array of choices in general, and challenges at the level of individual locations with a low density of residential dwellers and heavy dependence on lunch and tourist crowds.

Solution: After a careful brand study, MadPipe built a marketing strategy focused on content marketing to raise brand awareness, on the ground “brick and mortar” events to overcome location anonymity, and timely PR to support both efforts. We assembled a team of implementation professionals around that strategy and rallied the individual location managers behind marketing efforts. The content strategy included blogging and social media support, with campaigns centered around introducing “New Mediterranean” cuisine and thought leadership in the cultural conversation over healthy lifestyle choices.

Results: By the end of the first quarter, organic traffic (from search) had increased 83%, and referral traffic had increased 17%. By the end of quarter two, we’d achieved an additional 41% increase in social traffic, a further 11% increase in referral traffic, and a 107% conversion rate resulting in more than 36,000 conversions, with across the board increases from conversions sources as diverse as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and a variety of social media and PR sources. These conversions translated into more than 32,000 online orders and well-attended in-store events from paying customers. Page authority increased 28%.

Bottom Line: The business has more customers and customer awareness of the brand than when the marketing plan launched. It is in a better position to expand and attract investor attention.

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