The Three Legs of the SEO Stool

marketing priorities

There are some 500 ranking factors in search engine optimization, but SEO is effectively dead, so what does that mean? Essentially 1) there are three factors that outweigh the rest. If you’re doing these three things consistently and continually, you could forget everything else and be in great shape. 2) if you’re doing them primarily or only for SEO, … Read more

Does Your Social Media Candidate Have the Skills?

recruit a social media specialist

Whenever someone says “this guy is really good at social media”, I think “how would you know?” Is it that they know more than you? Don’t a lot of people Doctors know more than I do, but it doesn’t mean they’re taking good care of me. Is it that they’ve worked for some major brands? Then why … Read more

Engagement Time – What It Means For Your Website

Understanding Google Analytics

Just counting visitors doesn’t tell you enough. Measuring conversions on your website is crucial in understanding how effectively your marketing channels and campaigns are performing and seeing where to make adjustments. If you’re not using campaign links and setting up Google conversion measurements, you’re missing out. That said, there are shortcuts to understanding the value of … Read more

What Do You Mean You’re Not Tracking Your Campaigns?

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Almost as ineffective as not having specific, well-defined marketing campaigns to begin with, is not measuring those campaigns within a given marketing channel. How can you know where a campaign needs work (e-mail marketing, social media, PR, advertising), if you can’t see details on where it’s performing and where it isn’t? Here is what campaign … Read more

Project Teams Will Change Your Organization

marketing project team

The MadPipe team asked Daniel DiGriz about getting a team aligned around a project. Daniel is our resident Digital Ecologist® and routinely creates and leads teams consisting of internal and external professionals for clients. We brought out these points: What’s the difference between a project team and an ordinary team in a company? Routine and … Read more

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