Blog Improvement Checklist

Blog checklist

The MadPipe team interviewed our Digital Ecologist® Daniel DiGriz and culled 8 ways to improve a blog. What formatting issues occur with blogs? It’s surprising how many are not in chronological descending order. It might seem obvious, but reverse order – most recent at top is crucial for two reasons. First, freshness matters, so Google scans page from top to bottom … Read more

Write an Effective Email Offer

plant seeds, email offers, marketing

The MadPipe team interviewed our Digital Ecologist® Daniel DiGriz about e-mail offers, and culled 11 ways to write effective marketing e-mails. Why do e-mail marketing at all? If you neglect e-mail, you’re neglecting a large potential audience. It still has a wider distribution and higher open rates, especially for business, than any social media platform. It’s … Read more

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