Unscrew Your B2C Marketing

b2c marketing how to

Consumer facing businesses have to approach marketing differently than companies who sell to other companies. Despite similarities, the speed, attitude, and objectives are distinct. One of the easiest ways a B2C (business to consumer) brand can screw up its marketing is modeling its on successful B2B (business to business) models. We point out frequently the distinction … Read more

You & Your Salesperson MUST Understand How CRMs Actually Work

CRM how to

If your salesperson is tracking his/her work in a spreadsheet or e-mail folders, your sales process is NOT sustainable. More importantly, it’s not extensible to the rest of the company’s operations and marketing needs. brands have to manage their contacts on some level, but often it’s not systematic enough to provide actionable insights and support a … Read more

We Just Made a Video—Now What?

youtube marketing

In corporate settings, when marketing is sometimes an afterthought to technology, you’ll hear questions like, “Video creates engagement. How can we use our new video?” But video (or any other technology—it’ll be VR soon) doesn’t actually create engagement. Video shot for a specific placement, purpose, and audience creates engagement—or tends to. But creating content without … Read more

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