Bellroy and Beardman: Going from Story to Campaign

Bearded Man - Marketing Campaign Design

It’s all well and good to have our brand story lined out, but how do we then take that to market? How do we translate the brand narrative into an ongoing marketing operation? First, let’s acknowledge where most of us are starting. This isn’t our first rodeo. We’re already doing something in marketing, however small–even … Read more

Harry’s Razor, Mad Magazine, & Lassie: Send Stories–Not Messages

marketing messaging

Unfortunately, the way many of us grew up, stories were equated with fables. “You see, Timmy…” was the wrap up on Lassie, followed by a ‘valuable lesson’. Disney did as much to perpetrate this version of storytelling as anyone, but it’s old. In fact, as a TV ‘trope’, it’s called “The Aesop” after Aesop’s fables. … Read more

Subservient Chicken: Feed the Psychological Needs of Your Audience

Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology has evolved and, more importantly, it’s now crucial for every company engaged in marketing to understand something about consumer thinking. This is especially true for content marketing (social, blogging, e-mail, etc). There are 6 psychological needs that brands must satisfy with their content marketing campaigns: Entertain The Need for Enjoyment Burger King’s tongue can’t … Read more

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