Seinfeld: Stop Registering Domains and Start Telling Your Story

keyword rich domain names

Kruger Industrial Smoothing at kruger.meh registers some catchy domain names, like SmoothBetter.any and Kruger points both domains at their current home page. And then…? Wait for it…! Nothing. That’s because extra domains don’t add any value–by themselves. “How do we make these cool domains work for us,” asks Kruger? But Kruger has it backwards: … Read more

Harry’s Razor, Mad Magazine, & Lassie: Send Stories–Not Messages

marketing messaging

Unfortunately, the way many of us grew up, stories were equated with fables. “You see, Timmy…” was the wrap up on Lassie, followed by a ‘valuable lesson’. Disney did as much to perpetrate this version of storytelling as anyone, but it’s old. In fact, as a TV ‘trope’, it’s called “The Aesop” after Aesop’s fables. … Read more

The Ardbeg Committee: Get Brand Evangelism Right Out of the Bottle

Brand Evangelism

The Worldwide Ardbeg Committee, a loyalty program for drinkers of Ardbeg Scotch, is a perfect example of rallying fans around a brand they love. The basis is including end-users in the company narrative and product roadmap. They get recognition as stakeholders in the brand and limited edition access to something for which they’ve already demonstrated … Read more

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