Spanx & Spanx for Men: Turn Sales Conversations into Marketing Content

Salespeople as Frontline Marketers

Your company blog and social media stream basically sucks; you know it, customers know it, and anyone looking figures it out fast. It’s OK–that’s pretty normal. Or perhaps it’s actually quite good, but it’s not really helping you sell. So ‘good’ becomes relative. That’s normal too. You can FIX this. Get Sales and Marketing Together The … Read more

Nike, Ebay, and Augmenting Campaigns With Passive Marketing

Pays to be Passive

Passive marketing techniques can augment your marketing campaigns and overall marketing strategy, amplify and support your messaging, and extend your effectiveness into new channels. While the kind of purely automated marketing techniques you see advertised in popup ads don’t work, not all passive marketing is bunko. Passive marketing is like the difference between fishing with … Read more

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