In Marketing, You START With the Problems

I’d like to introduce you to the PROBLEMS of 3 of my clients:

10yrs ago, I took on a mortgage lender that needed to grow in a crazy competitive urban market.

  • I crafted a CONTENT marketing strategy for the blog, video, & social media.
  • I’m not allowed to say who it is, but we hit the first page of Google in 6months.
  • We’re still there, and it’s one of my longest running clients.

5yrs ago, I knew a struggling author barely getting by on royalties.

  • I designed a business model for a new online community that has generated substantial income since day 1.
  • Members are well over double the 1st year.
  • And more importantly, it’s now a powerful driver for his new book sales.

2yrs ago, I became the external marketing director for a successful Brooklyn creative agency that had great analog referrals but wasn’t getting enough ONLINE referrals.

  • Since then, they’ve had a 300% spike in traffic, and digital conversions have gone from 2% to 60% of their business.

YOU know people with PROBLEMS, and I want to meet them.

If they have authenticity, vision for something, and are willing to do act on it, introduce them to MadPipe. Because, at MadPipe, everything flows…

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