When Your Brand Runs Off & Joins a Cargo Cult

Around the world there are CARGO CULTS. Now, the word cargo means belongings or “stuff” – Objects of VALUE like cars, clothes, & electronics.

In REMOTE places, people have seen us emerge from planes just bristling with all our cargo.

So maybe they build a RUNWAY out of sand & a PLANE out of straw. They LIGHT fires for landing strips at night. They imitate us in EVERY DETAIL, believing this ritual will move the INVISIBLE FORCES of the universe with whatever power brought us our cargo.

They go thru the MOTIONS, but they’ve missed the SUBSTANCE of what we’re doing.

Some of us are engaged in CARGO CULT MARKETING. We built a website, made a facebook page, & are running an ad or two. But NOTHING HAPPENS.

We’re SIMULATING what SUCCESSFUL companies have done, believing THAT will bring us clientele.

I’d like to MEET people engaged in Cargo Cult Marketing, because MadPipe teaches you where the planes actually COME FROM. Then everything flows….

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