50,000 People Aren’t Wrong About Your Marketing

Every year, 50​,000​ people climb Mount Everest. It takes about 40 days.

This year 50​,000​ NYC marathoners crossed the Verrazano bridge to run 26 miles in 4​ or ​5 hours.

And each year, National Novel Writing Month participants write a work of 50,000 words in 30 days.

In November, I and 40,000 others crossed the finish line in a literary marathon that started with 8 times that many.​ Here’s what I glean from these numbers and that experience:

  1. Taking something all the way requires some obsession. Nothing great was ever achieved by watching every show we like on TV or always going to bed on time.
  2. Nobody ACTUALLY has time to do stretch, grow, and do something great. We’re too BUSY and always will be​.​ So we have to do it anyway, or things only stay the same.

Marketing and our business are just like that. We either push to the next level, or we get stuck and STAY stuck.

You know a brand that’s ready to grow and willing to do what it takes to get there. I’d like to make them a champion. I’d like to give them permission to be great.

So put them in touch with MadPipe because, if you’re up for it, with MadPipe, “everything flows…”

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