Create a Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Your Digital Marketing (rightly) starts off with a digital marketing plan.

A plan isn’t just an idea, it’s an organized way to implement a digital strategy.

Your plan consists of the marketing channels you’ll target for participation. Those might include your blog, social networks, visual social media like video and images, and other channels like e-mail and PR.

Simply put, Marketing Channels are where you carry out your digital marketing. Within each marketing channel, you’ll plan out specific marketing campaigns. You can’t take it all on at once, so you’ll prioritize based on the greatest need and potential for return.

Your plan is updated routinely with progress on your campaigns and clear next steps, so you’ll always know what to do next.

Strategy helps you make the best choices, get better at what you’re doing, and choose the next campaigns wisely.

You’ll use some simple numbers to measure your results in terms of engagement and referrals. Continually making progress is all about consistency, frequency, and persistence. With effective digital strategy, your involvement and the results will correlate.

MadPipe will meet with you to outline your initial marketing plan, and counsel you on implementing it, building momentum, and making continual progress.

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