There is a Marketing Elevator

Your business has someone doing at least SOME MARKETING. Maybe it’s sending e-mail blasts, posting to Facebook, or manning your blog.

One reason you don’t prioritize it more, is it’s not STRATEGIC. Write a blog post, & search engines give you ONE IMPRESSION each time. Share the link across SOCIAL media & OK that’s EIGHT.

Distribute your content STRATEGICALLY, & you get 308. That means for EVERY marketing action you take:

  • 300 more chances for MULTIPLE EYEBALLS,
  • 300 opportunities for REFERRALS,
  • 300 more MENTIONS of your brand.

That’s a 3750% increase in impressions. Forget return on the dollar; think about return on your TIME. Marketing STRATEGY means:

  • Getting MORE play from EACH of your marketing efforts
  • Making EVERY action lead naturally to the next
  • And wasting LESS effort on activities that are RANDOM.

I want to take your value UP 300 floors of magnitude. You’re TIRED of tiny increments of growth. So get an ELEVATOR! MadPipe… Everything flows…

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