Harnessing Your Sales Toolbox

The best salespeople need 5 things to rock and roll:

#1: the leads or the list – you’ve got to set up a steady stream of targets for them to go after.

#2: the product or svc knowledge & resources. Someone on your team needs to transform themselves into the (SME) – the subject matter expert and really excel at transferring the requisite knowledge as needed.

#3: the pitch or the script: there’s going to be more than one of them, and they’re going to evolve over time – sometimes in a single contact – that content needs to be managed effectively and involve collaboration and feedback from the salespeople

#4: the compensation structure – it could be base pay plus commission, pure commission, or a salary and bonus structure – and how you build it deeply affects salesperson motivation and psyche – you can’t just whip something up

#5: who leads the team? Salespeople only follow someone they respect, who has the sales knowledge and experience to keep them playing like a championship team.

If you’ve got all these ducks in a row, you can stop right here. If not, let’s get you an external sales director to help.

You don’t need more management. You’ve got that part covered already. So let’s keep it separate. What you need is about 90min/week of sales leadership expertise and then to let your salespeople run with it. Don’t box them in with another boss, give them a leader and a toolset, and they’ll do the rest. That’s what you pay them for. For everything else, contact MadPipe.

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