Someone is Still Marketing Like It’s 1999

In a previous decade, you could get away with:

  • a barely serviceable website
  • self-absorbed content
  • no brand to speak of (maybe a logo or a tagline, but no ongoing conversation with your audience that represents what your brand stands for)

You could still say I’m not technical or I don’t do social media, and not sound like you traveled here from the stone age.

Now, though…. Living as if online were OPTIONAL simply looks like neglect for your brand and your audience.

It’s just bad business, and the real reasons are usually anxiety and confusion.

The cure for those is strategy & leadership.

  • It’s no longer even a question of being PRESENT somewhere. Presence is irrelevant.
  • It’s not being liked. LIKES are irrelevant.
  • It’s simply whether you’re part of the ongoing conversation that’s happening with or without our brand involved.

When MadPipe is guiding your strategy, you reach out and people reach back.

So schedule a call with MadPipe. With MadPipe, everything flows…

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