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It’s a cliche’ now: consistency is the key to effective marketing. We’ve said it, too. And it’s PARTLY true. But consistency is a bugaboo.

For instance, if you’re always sending the same header on your e-mail blasts, yeah it’s branded consistently, but it looks like every other e-mail we got from you. We begin to feel like we’ve already heard you. And that means we’re less likely to treat it as something new.

If you’re only running a two or three kinds of social campaigns, you’re probably consistent, but that consistency won’t stay interesting enough to keep an audience engaged. After a while, your content gets stale.

Consistency can actually represent being afraid and too much concern over “looking good”. And the result can be that no one is looking.

Running multiple campaigns, each with a different look and feel, and alternating between them by meaningful percentages, is a MUCH more effective marketing strategy.

That’s why MadPipe works with clients to create a fully fleshed out marketing plan, and stays with your brand to help you continually improve it.

Let’s get you into being consistent, and then help you get PAST it with MadPipe.

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