Get out of the Marketing Bermuda Triangle

Whenever a company has a marketing project, they’re juggling 3 things: time, budget, and effectiveness.

Continually & notoriously, brands go over-budget, exceed their project time window, and get less desirable results than they hoped.

People who manage projects describe those 3 criteria of time, budget, and effectiveness, as the PROJECT TRIANGLE.

It’s a lot like the Bermuda Triangle, because projects go sailing into it, only to get lost at sea and… NEVER! to return.

A good project manager will tell you the truth: You can have it fast, cheap, or right – you get to pick 2.

Planning a brand’s marketing for effective execution should NOT involve leading you on, as though there are unlimited options with no trade-offs.

If you want to succeed, chart your course with integrity.

If you want to sail safely thru the marketing project triangle, do it with MADPIPE, where everything flows…

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