The Marketing Upgrade: Trimming Out the Fat

Your company hires a TRADITIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR. He doesn’t do the marketing HIMSELF. He puts his FEET UP. MOSTLY, he allocates your marketing budget to various agencies. YOU could have done that!

You COULD go straight to an AGENCY. But they’re so busy managing their OVERHEAD & ADVERTISING, so they aren’t doing the marketing either. MOSTLY, they allocate the work to FREELANCERS, & mark it up HANDSOMELY too. There’s another cost. Stop PAYING for a month, & your marketing team drops to ZERO…. EVERYTHING STOPS! EFFECTIVELY, you’re a HOSTAGE.

Going right to the FREELANCERS is one option. But it’s the WILD WEST out there. Instead of STAYING ON BRAND, the marketing becomes AD HOC & RANDOM. INCONSISTENCY & FLAKING OUT are commonplace. PLUS, you STILL have to maintain the marketing strategy. AND, you have to MANAGE their work. Who has time for THAT?

Let’s UPGRADE your approach. You want a MIXTURE of INSOURCING of your existing staff, CONTRACTORS, & 3rd PARTY VENDORS. SOMEONE on your team is the THOUGHT LEADER – the keeper of the vision of where the brand is going. Someone else IN-HOUSE may be SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT (the SME). That’s whoever has the most UNDERSTANDING of the company PRODUCT LINES or SERVICES. So you’ve ALREADY GOT part of a marketing team.

I serve as a NON-TRADITIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR, which means I help you ASSEMBLE & GUIDE this team STRATEGICALLY. Together, we might bring on a VENDOR for COPYWRITING. And a CONTRACTOR or PART-TIME STAFFER for E-MAIL marketing, SOCIAL, & CONTENT distribution. You NO LONGER have your eggs in ONE BASKET.

MADPIPE builds your strategy in TANDEM with its execution, & maintains communication between ALL PARTIES. We host a weekly MARKETING CALL for reporting DELIVERABLES. And to continually CLARIFY NEEDS & DRIVE NEXT STEPS. In OTHER words, no one has their FEET UP! Plus, you’re not a HOSTAGE or lost in the WILD WEST.

If you want an upgrade, DISCOVER MadPipe, & everything flows…

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