The Sales Engine


Eventually, most brands figure out that they need to do actual selling; they need to have a sales program.

That program has several moving parts. You need to settle on a source of leads, design a motivating commission structure, hire a person who isn’t just good at selling, but will do it in a way that fits your company culture and quality control standards, and you need to continually adjust the pitch, on an ongoing basis – it WILL evolve.

Most importantly, you have to provide ongoing coaching, leadership, and motivation, or your secret-weapon salesperson devolves into stale and ineffective baggage. If they’re new at the process, they may need training on a better sales methodology or on managing the sales pipeline and using technology to make the process sustainable. It’s easy to burn through leads, and any salespeople can do it, but then your sales program is headed for a cliff.

THOSE are the issues. So get your brand a Sales Director who only does the part you need, and isn’t sitting around on a salary the rest of the time. At MadPipe, everything flows…

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