The Sales Pipeline

The 5 stages of the sales pipeline are lead, contact, prospect, client, and referral partner. That’s 5 key areas you need to think about and plan for when constructing a sales program for your company or brand.

You want to ask yourself how you’re going to nurture and sustain each of those stages, as people move through them, and whether you have the experience to design that process yourself, and bring your salespeople into alignment with it.

Even the best salespeople are going to need enough infrastructure to be effective; and you don’t want to just hire them and have them standing around wondering how to execute.

You don’t need another supervisor – another manager. You’re probably top heavy in that department already. So separate that aspect of things from ACTUAL SALES LEADERSHIP. That’s a very specialized thing, and you only need it part of the time.

It’s not making sure people are in their desks; it’s making sure they have the tools, the program kinks get worked out, and the team stays motivated and aware of how they can bust through day to day demotivators and go for the close to make themselves and YOU more profitable.

Get an external Sales Director at MadPipe. No 40-hrs/week. Most clients need about 90min/week to be successful. It’s a better model and a better solution.

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