2 Kinds of Marketing Arrogance

One of the qualities you often see in business & marketing is arrogance. And there are 2 KINDS of arrogance.

There’s ACTUAL arrogance, which is so sure it knows the way things are, that it regards naysayers as automatically clueless.

The flaw with ACTUAL arrogance, is we can no longer LEARN. ACTUAL arrogance BLINDS us to marketing opportunities we can’t see, because we’ve ruled them out in advance.

Then there’s what people CALL arrogance, which is a form of leadership. It’s about insisting YOU have something to say about making things better than they are.

You don’t back down from that just because the first people you encounter don’t see it or believe it. That’s you up against ACTUAL arrogance.

At MadPipe, I’m looking for clients who come off as ARROGANT to people who insist on doing things the way they’ve always been done.

I’d like you to suggest MadPipe to people who take flack for pushing the envelope, because those people make my job easy and fun.

Good things flow out of THAT kind of arrogance. And with MadPipe, everything flows…

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