Crap Thunder: Do Marketing Like Rocky

Marketing is supposed to EXTEND your REACH…. WIDEN your REPUTATION…. INCREASE your RELATIONSHIPS.

MadPipe calls those the 3R’s. The result is REFERRALs – the BIG R. The one we really WANT.

Getting that requires your TIME, not just your MONEY. That’s because you’re the THOUGHT LEADER of your business.

You’re the ONE thing you can’t OUTSOURCE, offLOAD, or hand to a TEMP. You can’t CHECK out, CHUCK it, or GO HOME. But all you want, end of the day, is more CLIENTS.

Remember Mickey Goldmill? That’s Rocky’s coach in the movie – the one who told him to quit fighting like an ape, eat lightning & CRAP THUNDER.

A coach like MICKEY shouts encouraging things from the SIDELINES while you fight.

I want to be more than your THOUGHT LEADERSHIP COACH. I want to build & grow your company’s SELF-SUSTAINING marketing team.

You CAN’T check out, but you also don’t want to RUN the thing. You’ve got a fight on your hands just RUNNING YOUR COMPANY.

So let ME run it. And let’s make your BRAND CRAP THUNDER.

Every marketing effort you company undertakes will go farther WITH than WITHOUT me. Because with Madpipe… everything flows….

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