3 Numbers to Get Out of Your Marketing

You can tell whether marketing is going to work by the numbers. And there are 3 kinds of numbers we care about:

#1 The INPUTS – What you actually DO in your marketing. I ask clients to focus on THOSE numbers first. Get them up. Get them consistent. Get them stable.

#2 The IMMEDIATE results. Someone retweets, repins, or forwards your content – that’s a result. Measure that, and tweak your approach until you know how to actually PRODUCE results.

#3 The BUYING SIGNALS – Someone contacts you or clicks a page for more info – that’s a buying signal. THOSE are the numbers we’re really trying to INCREASE.

The numbers don’t lie. So I’d like you to suggest MadPipe to companies & brands that need ACTIONABLE strategy for MEASURABLE results. Tell them with MadPipe, everything flows….

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