Zombies Are Killing Your Marketing

Marketing is dead. All marketing.

By the time everyone knows about a given technique, it’s obsolete. By the time a meme hits, it’s cliche’. By the time a strategy is subject to exploitation and abuse, it’s a ZOMBIE.

Zombies are marketing techniques that are overplayed and under-effective. They’re DEAD but they’re still out there, going around and fooling you into mistaking them for living, breathing marketing efforts.

Someone you know right now has zombies in their company. Their marketing is pale, shiftless, lifeless, and well past its expiration date – a sure sign of the undead.

So get them a marketing strategist to hunt down the marketing zombies and deal with them…humanely!…. or YOU could be NEXT!

Got ZOMBIES ma’am? Be glad you called MadPipe. MadPipe makes hell for zombies with no unsightly blood on the lawn. With MadPipe, everything flows…

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