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"A great website is like a person who can talk to anybody." - Daniel DiGriz

Why Create a Content Plan

Fascinate and tantalize; don't boilerplate or patronize.


End-users decisions don't rest solely on product features or assorted details about a company. You need to tell an overall story. Visitors need to see themselves in that story.


You can assemble info and riff on what a visitor should hear, but you’re close enough to it that you risk leaving out the user journey through each stage of the sales funnel.


MadPipe plots out how differing visitors interact with your content from ideation to negotiation, taking into account how you get leads & how you WANT to get leads.


You want to account for users entering the content in different places from multiple sources and naturally introduce them to your fundamental sales argument.

From now on, you have the equivalent of a managing editor. MadPipe will blueprint your sitemap and content editorial structure, collaborating with your SMEs and anyone you have working content and design. Your website will get your audience into the boat, regardless of their point of entry.

Sitemap and Editorial for Web Developer

If you laid out your website

and other collateral like a magazine editor.

Website Content Editor - NYC

You’d act as though you HAVE to

keep people coming back every month.

They skip, skim, and jump around.

You'll be there when they turn around.

b2b websites

Blah, blah, blah, blah. That's content without strategy.

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