Content Might Be King but revenue rules. Nurture your sales pipeline.

"Be heard—from one end of the sales funnel to the other." - Daniel DiGriz

Sales Emails

You're either the sender or the spender.


Most firms send a newsletter. Company news, obvious tips, industry blather, latest blogs . . . there’s constant tension between consistency & saying aught of concern to recipients. 


Prospects get far too many newsletters even as they are highly motivated (at work) to clear the inbox. Many of those messages fill the bulk mail folder and are never seen.


MadPipe will extract the key insights you need to flesh out for potential customers, so emails help you close, & craft better than average messages that drive home a single idea.


What you want is: existing clients to buy more (and give referrals), prospects to get a deeper understanding of the product & brand (which supports the sale), and leads to include you in RFPs.

Face it: most sales emails are boring.

Even to the person writing them. Let's do better.

  • We need stronger content.

  • We need better subject lines.

  • We need sales collateral worth reading.

Email Campaign Example 1
Email Marketing Case Studies
Marketing Campaign Example
B2B Marketing Case Study
Marketing Automation HowTo
Buyer Profile Example
Sales Email Campaign
Sales Proposal Example (teaser)

The numbers are the numbers.

So which sales team do you want to be?

Red Team

On-the-nose subject lines
No custom eyebrow text
One-off emails
Standard CTAs ("visit site" or "contact us")
Partial list-segmentation
List has high bounce rate

Email Stats

Open Rate:  19%
CTA Rate: 1.2%
List Health: 69%
Domain Health: OK

Gold Team

Creative subject lines
Deliberate eyebrow text
Campaign strategy
Enticing CTAs
List segmentation
List cleanup

Email Stats

Open Rate:  29%
CTA Rate: 4.5%
List Health: 92%
Domain Health: OK
End-of-year Deal Increase: 200%

Personal and witty

beats formal and pretty.

Sales Team Support NYC NJ USA

Salespeople can't afford two things—time and hope. By 5:00, you have to close.

Marketing Automation

When you need to do more, automate the chore


Your CRM shows which emails you've sent, but by the time you get good at nurturing every stage of the funnel, you're also dropping balls on sending at the right moment.


You've got a marketing automation tool like Mailchimp or HubSpot, but planning the campaign: who gets what, when, with what trigger and what exceptions, is tedious.


MadPipe is going to map the lifecycle of your customer, from ideation about the problem you solve to negotiation over your proposal to retention as a referrer.


Leads get softer and sales easier to close, while the salesperson is more free to go after new leads. Automation is an efficiency driver that keeps the sales team tight.

Marketing Automation Map

Very Simple Example

Simplified Marketing Automation Map Example
Slightly More Elaborate Model

Hubspot Marketing Automation

And One More Notch Up On Elaborate

Email Automation & Autoresponders
Example from a Recent Marketing Automation Plan

Sometimes a closer

needs a bulldozer.

Illustration: Automation isn't optional in marketing.

"Automate or die" means you think like an owner. You can't do it all.

Presentations & Talks

A talk from an exec is more than the deck.


A talk needs to be planned out, with key ideas, a means of audience interaction, and presentation created—with publicity on the ground before, during, & after.


You’ve given presentations—you can totally go it alone. But you’ve also got sales to close & projects to complete. You need to go prepared & be switched "on"—not distracted.


MadPipe will help build out your topic, so you can deliver the talk powerfully, offer ways to make it interactive, and (if you want) inject humor & fun to break the ice.


The gold standard is this: both the tangible and intangible value of speaking will have been greater than the cost and the effort. You'll garner more 1:1 conversations while sharpening your game.

Creating a Talk Is Like Making a Record

It's actually fun.

Business Presentations - Content and Development

Nail the event.

Bring 100%.

Talk Development - See you at Cannes Lions!

An audience is the most merciless and most forgiving organism. What you get depends on you.


The point of an ear is to hear.


You’ve got an idea for a podcast, but a show needs a consistent format and/or a comfortable host besides a plan for distribution. An experienced voice could help.


You can learn the ropes alone, but you don't yet know what challenges you’ll face and, once an episode is out there, you don’t have much leeway to have gotten it wrong.


Let's settle on a format based on your opportunities for content, a first few episodes aligned with your overall brand story, and a distribution strategy that fits your goals.


You want a solid show with a sustainable lineup—one that doesn't veer quickly offtrack. Your clients, partners, and vendors look on with respect and admiration.

What Will Your Podcast Be?
The Thriving Artist Podcast
The ClientPipe Podcast
Episode: How to Grow Your Customer Base & Increase Sales (iHeartRadio) (host format) (MadPipe is host)
Episode: LinkedIn Professional Profile / Social Selling (Google Podcasts) ("two guys" format)

An actual host

can help the most.

business podcasts

Nothing is permanent. Unless it's on Twitter. Then it's permanent.


A blog exists to lead and get leads.


Most blogs aren’t consistent enough to matter; the content isn’t aligned with the sales conversations that are getting prospects to say yes, and you run out of topics quickly.


Maybe you post a few press releases, article mentions, or the news of the day, but that won’t cut it for long. You aren’t sure what type of content has the greatest impact and how often to deploy it.


Let's lay out a plan for content that matches your goals, from sales to SEO. MadPipe will build campaigns, if you like, and create an optimal method for getting better content.


A blog exists not for its own sake but as the primary owned-media source of the company. It can deliver multiple formats, from case studies to company news to solutions for prospects' problems.


Let your brand story guide creation of thematic campaigns. Advocate for a specific audience—misalignment there just wastes the effort. Have a conscious plan for distribution.

Blog Strategy Venn Diagram

Blither withers,

but insight delights.

Some More Thoughts

Since you're still lurking—instead of working?

Success Is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.

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