Content Program Direction Leadership for your company content campaigns.

"Be heard—from one end of the sales funnel to the other." - Daniel DiGriz

Content Might Be King

But revenue still rules.


Content gets planned and created in a vacuum. Sales makes some. Marketing makes more. Other departments also put out content. There's no unified language or strategy.


Customers hear a cacophony of messages. When you want to demonstrate the firm's value to a sales prospect, it looks like you're all over the map—because you are.


Let's extract the core ideas that drive revenue, align the disparate departments doing outreach, and plan comprehensive campaigns with timely messages that support every customer stage.


You want buyers, partners, vendors, investors, and rating agencies to see a coherent body of communications representing how much you've "got it together" vs. the other challengers, leaders, and niche players in your industry.

A single vision

trumps indecision.

Content program direction

A company that arrives at one, shared version of the truth inspires people who aren't paid to be inspired.

MadPipe Conducts Your Orchestra of Opportunities

Project-based or ongoing leadership.

MadPipe Conducts the Orchestra of Opportunities

Success Is Seeing the Needle Move!

And everything else is codswallop.

Eyeballs on content (awareness of our brand)
New leads (engagement with our content)
Sold customers (revenue increase)

You can only improve

what you can prove.

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