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The Brand Story Conundrum:

"You've got a great offering with features and benefits, but that's not the same thing as connecting with your most desired audience."

- Daniel DiGriz, CEO of MadPipe

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Inspire and Activate Your Base

Compelling Arcs
Aspirational Tone
Relatable Characters
Authentic Conclusions

Tell a compelling story. Engage the emotions and the mind.

MadPipe is Your Storytelling Partner

Talking Points

To get all team members on the same page with compelling themes and language around company products/services.

Brand Narrative

Woven from the recurring ideas in company case studies ALL individual narratives. To be refined and pared down for sales messaging and collateral.

Marketing Messages

Story angles for articles, papers, presentations, series emails, & native ads. Micro-themes for social media, e-mail marketing, and ad campaigns.

Stories Make the Needle Move

Corporate storytelling works when there's stakeholder buy-in, authenticity, and deployment where the audience lives. The result is measurable KPIs that reflect a deeper connection with your constituent audience.

Stop putting off real growth.

Audience Engagement
Influence and Authority
Brand Reach
Measurable Referrals

Opportunity Costs of the Alternatives



Loss of focus and productivity from taking your eyes off of operations.

Traditional Consulting Firm


Blistering overhead to develop a program that must continually evolve.



Energy spent on cultivation and supervision for shaky long-term relationships.

Full-Time Management


Overhead for full-time oversight, when warming a desk doesn't add value.

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Regal Credit Management

Anthony Davenport

CEO, Regal Credit Management

MadPipe has convinced us to shift to more powerful narratives around our brand, which actually focus on the most profitable centers of operation. MadPipe has consistently helped us focus communications on clever and inspiring arcs that reflect our business goals.

Clark Hulings Fund

Elizabeth Hulings

Director, Clark Hulings Fund

MadPipe has crafted central narratives and talking points around multiple programming initiatives. The challenge is always telling the story in a concise yet compelling manner. MadPipe excels at this. Based on those narratives, MadPipe also crafted individual campaigns and continues to rally the team around tracking which stories produce referrals and other results.

MadPipe has a lot of actionable insights to share

About once/month, our Digital Ecologist® Daniel DiGriz weaves together interesting stories around corporate storytelling, marketing, organizational transformation, and education.

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About once / month, corporate storyteller and digital ecologist® Daniel DiGriz weaves together interesting business stories, analytics, & examples for organizations committed to achieving their goals.


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