Statement of Diversity

Most diversity statements are formal to the point of being oblique, and unnecessarily long. Consequently, they render as obligatory language, rather than conviction. So this is the statement of MadPipe, which is deliberately brief and informal, yet carries the full weight of the company:

Homogeneity and parochialism are not values and do not add value. The best talent and the best ideas transcend insular boundaries and lie across the buffet of differences that form an authentic America and evoke a rational patriotism commensurate with prodigious hospitality.

To be clear: if anyone has a moral, spiritual, ethical, religious, professional, or personal interdict against collaborating with legal immigrants, guests and residents of other nationalities, some ethnicities, certain political affiliations, distinct regional loyalties or customs, particular religions, a specific gender, or differing sexual orientations, then they should move on—they're not for this company, and we are not for them. This is not a matter of mere preference but of ethical commitment; In that case, MadPipe considers it unethical to accept that business.

Granted, people are in differing stages of personal development, and the impulse to homogeneity can stem from ignorance and inexperience. We can tolerate someone in a client company that doesn't fully get it. If such bigotry is representative, however, of the company culture and leadership attitude, then please look elsewhere.

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