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The Education Conundrum:

"Most training is dictated and implemented by force. Recipients grind through it, because they have to, not because they want to."

- Daniel DiGriz, CEO of MadPipe

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Let's Build a Program Your People Will Love

Interactive Learning
Multiple Media
Demonstrated ROI
Cultural Change

Effective educational programs include a heady mix of storytelling, empathy, and utility so recipients actually want it and learn naturally.

MadPipe is Your Learning Department

Designing the Program

From a corporate training project to an entire digital school, we turn your specific business goals into educational program that creates enthusiastic learners.

Train the Trainer

If desired, we'll equip internal supporters to retain and disseminate needed knowledge in-house.

Digital E-Learning

Technology is second-nature to us. We can build a sustainable library of learning material, or an ongoing webinar series.

Boots on the Ground

Sometimes you want face-to-face training. We excel at dynamic group presentations & interactive workshops.

You Will See the Needle Move

Education should produce measurable results. You want to validate the success of your educational program for stakeholders and your organizational media, improve it continually, and drive ongoing investment in your constituents. Learner feedback, gamification, and objective measurements of knowledge transfer provide critical KPIs (key performance indicators) to ensure ROI.

Stop putting off enhanced performance.


Opportunity Costs of the Alternatives



Loss of focus and productivity from taking your eyes off of operations.

Traditional Consulting Firm


Blistering overhead to develop a program that's likely to evolve.



Energy spent on cultivation and supervision for shaky long-term relationships.

Full-Time Management


Overhead for full-time oversight, when warming a desk doesn't add value.

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See Who Else is Talking:

Clark Hulings Fund

Elizabeth Hulings

Director, Clark Hulings Fund

MadPipe designed the Business Accelerator Program, a limited-admission post-graduate educational program of the Clark Hulings Fund, with a year-long syllabus, e-learning portal, 7 instructors, 5 coaches, and 20 Fellows, live virtual webinars, boots on the ground learning opportunities, and a second year for select graduates. Additionally, MadPipe contributes heavily through both ongoing virtual training and boots on the ground education, as well as maintaining engagement and metrics measurement of the end-user community.

Advisory Board: Content Strategist

Jean Tang

CEO, MarketSmiths

For a thriving agency with talent in 4 cities, MadPipe designs and delivers crucial ongoing training, including employee-facing education and major educational events for large audiences at thought leadership conferences such as SXSW Interactive. Additionally, MadPipe performs a trusted leadership role in developing an in-house corporate academy for ensuring all staff are continually developing in accordance with company goals, and potential clients have access to thought leadership presentations by the CEO.

MadPipe has a lot of actionable insights to share

About once/month, our Digital Ecologist® Daniel DiGriz weaves together interesting stories around education, organizational transformation, marketing, and corporate storytelling.


"Accountability is less about cracking the whip than facilitating positive collaboration and keeping meetings lean and actionable."

- MadPipe in Successful Business News


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About once / month, corporate storyteller and digital ecologist® Daniel DiGriz weaves together interesting business stories, analytics, & examples for organizations committed to achieving their goals.


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