Craft a Digital Marketing Plan to Speed Your Strategy

So You’re Not Ready for a Recurring Relationship But You Do Need a Kick Start to Grow

Fair enough. MadPipe will collaborate with you to create your initial marketing plan.

Is it Comprehensive?

It’s a starting place, not a list of automatic tasks you can do for a whole year, but you’ll have direction to take the next steps, and a concrete basis for doing so.

It’s Also Painless and Powerful

Together, we’ll nail down the target audiences, audit what you’re already doing, identify the missing opportunities, and recommend your next few steps, with a focus on what is immediately actionable.

custom marketing planCan This Turn Into a Regular Engagement?

Of course! Every marketing plan grows, expands, and evolves *live* – WHILE you’re implementing it. You’ll need access to a digital strategist who can coach you past hurdles, train you or your team on optimal implementation, and direct some of your campaigns.

Is It Expensive?

Shoot, no! What’s expensive is marketing haphazardly – winging it without a plan. That’ll cost you in lost opportunity and probably wasted money as well.

Do I Really Need This?

You’re playing against some pretty savvy competition in your industry. More than half of companies now have content marketing budgets and the atmosphere is heating up.

You need someone who knows the lay of the land, who steers you away from gimmicks and fads, and helps you take advantage of wide open opportunities.

Get in Gear!

By the time you research three more marketing methods, how many opportunities will you have lost? It’s not worth it to become an Olympic surfing coach just to get on a board and surf. Enjoy the water – this stuff is fun. Let someone else do the heavy lifting on strategy. You’ll have a better time out in the water with a guide.

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