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You’re not SUPPOSED to know this stuff the first time you do it.

It may seem simple – planning a website, building an SEO footprint, getting your contacts into a CRM, or changing technologies. The result, if you make uninformed decisions early on, or lack some crucial piece of the information puzzle, is fizzle and fade. Perhaps you haven’t even THOUGHT of some question that should be asked, or you didn’t get an UNBIASED partner to look over the project plan before you signed off. This won’t be the only project you’re working on, so get someone onboard who understands and answers a whole array of concerns.

Someone has to know what SHOULD be included vs a BAD idea.

marketing strategistYou don’t want to buy into something unsustainable, get locked into a proprietary platform on an unreasonable set of terms, or leave out some critical components you’ll have to pay more for later. You can probably leave out some extras, too, that either won’t be useful or might actually hamper your project. There are lots of ways to streamline. A digital strategist gets a grasp of your goals and uses his knowledge of the digital sphere to helps you plan what your project needs. You’ll map out how it will work, who to get involved, what to include and what to drop, and which platform to get on.

Knowing what questions to ask will help you avoid the Gotcha!

You’ll have a clear plan. You’ll have someone to give feedback on proposals, ask for additions and eliminations and, even if you’re doing it yourself, you’ll have a better handle on how to get what you really want without gotchas. When you want and need it to work; when you can’t afford to get into technology that you’re going to regret and have to do over again later, you get a digital strategist involved. The earlier, the better. Regardless of where you are in your project – planning, proposal, or implementation – get me onboard and get it right the first time.

What a Digital Strategist Does

There’s never a time (not anymore!) when your company is not doing something digital. It’s using marketing technologies, switching platforms, changing websites – always something. A digital strategist is like your CPA for digital. He advises you on what’s missing and what’s an opportunity, calls out the questions no one is asking and the parts no one has thought of. He joins your team, participates in major decisions that involve the digital world, and watches your back.

A Brand Without a Digital Strategist is Missing Something – Pitfalls or Opportunities

You don’t need it full-time – that’s a waste – but you do NEED it. So get it just-in-time. Engaging an external digital strategist to be available once/week means you can stop WONDERING and start WORKING. Digital is going to be AWESOME! So don’t wait until LATER or AFTER a project. Use the contact button to reach out to MadPipe NOW, and schedule an initial consultation. We think you’ll never look back.


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