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Your Brand Needs a Full-Blown Marketing Department

The criteria are a highly structured but evolving marketing plan, a diverse enough team to cover all the bases, and a marketing leader who will generate momentum. That last part is where you begin. You need a marketing director that acts like a member of the team but gets paid like a contractor.

marketing strategistEngage an External Marketing Director

MadPipe provides executive marketing leadership for a simple monthly retainer. Don’t hire full-time when it’s not a desk job. Get just what you need without the overhead.

Small Teams Benefit Highly

The Marketing Director meets weekly with your business stakeholders and marketing implementers. If you don’t have all the bases covered, we’ll help you identify and fill any vacancies. Sustaining the momentum is the goal. Together we continually grow and improve your digital strategy, measure results, and plan the next campaign. There’s no guesswork, and no trying to become something you’re not.

More Engagement to Sustain Momentum

Throughout the week, as your people implement the marketing, there will be questions, challenges, and hurdles. We’ll jump on a flash phone call or into some back and forth e-mail and eliminate any barriers to implementation. No need to lose momentum by waiting another week and holding up progress.

Effective Marketing Grabs Insights from OTHER Industries and Locales

MadPipe is not local and not tied to one industry, for a specific and important reason: Brands are more effective when they utilize marketing insights from across industries & innovations from across locales. Don’t limit yourself to what your competitors are doing – the goal is not to catch up but to BEAT them. To do that, you MUST be willing to step outside the box they’re using.

All Momentum Starts With a Step!

Let’s get your marketing moving. It doesn’t take a megaphone to reach us. Let’s not waste any more time. Use the contact button below to set up an initial consultation.

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