Marketing Audit – Why Be in the Dark?

Lost Opportunity is a Killer

Every year most small businesses leave enough business on the table – untouched, unasked for, untapped – to found a small industry. The waste is incredible.

You want more clients? Pay attention to the missed opportunities in site, search, and social. Zoom in on what needs to change to bring that about. Don’t just watch and wait. Don’t build it and hope they come. That’s a field of very broken dreams.
marketing audit

It’s More Than Technology

Sure, we’ll probably need to make some SEO recommendations, but Search Engine Optimization is only a small part of what makes your web presence effective. A much larger portion of building an audience and gaining referrals is social signals. Do you know the next steps to take there?

Where’s Your Audience?

The bigger questions revolve around what you’re currently doing to reach your audience, what other opportunities still exist, and how you might grow that audience as well.

You Need Actionable Steps

Instead of a jargon-filled report card that tells you nothing about what to actually do differently (except hand it off to someone who can read it, who has their own take), you need plain English action items. Practical steps to improve your digital marketing are a relief because, instead of staring at something technical, you’re checking off measurable improvements.

Will I Need to Build a New Web Site?

Maybe. If you plan to do that anyway, MadPipe can serve as your consultant to make sure the next web site you get is an effective marketing platform. Or maybe you just need to change a few things about your existing web site. The web site, though, is not even the central point. It might be your central hub for marketing, but it’s just a tool, one of many in your arsenal, for reaching your marketing audience. Let’s focus on the whole picture, not just the frame.

Still Reading?

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