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Welcome to the Revenue Side of Your Company

Every other aspect of your business is a cost center – whether it’s getting products out the door or the labor in providing services – efficiency is paramount. Sales is a revenue center – there are costs, and efficiency is important, but the goal is profit. By building out an effective sales program, you’re making the decision to focus not just on what you do for customers, but on bringing in more customers DIRECTLY.

You Can’t Build a Sustainable Sales Program Without All The Parts

sales directorA MadPipe external Sales Director assembles the criteria for a winning sales program. Even BEFORE you start hiring salespeople or settling on a particular incentive, you need to have enough built out to attract the right people and keep the program going.

Fortune 500 Sales Experience

Whether it’s B2B or B2C sales, MadPipe brings a level of experience with sales leadership, training, and development that is usually reserved for a handful of enterprise businesses. It APPLIES those skill sets to YOUR business, whether you’re just now building a sales program or rebuilding one after some initial false starts.

You’re Ready for This

There’s a stage of growth in every company in which we’re ready to invest in simply winning more clients. We want the most direct route, and sales is that route. You were always on the way to this place. Now you’re ready. Let’s do it right.

Start With the Program

Even if you’re already talking to a potential salesperson, or you’ve already put together some training material, do this right – back up and start with the program. The PROGRAM isn’t someone else’s template that’s guaranteed to work for you. There’s no such thing. A sales program (like a marketing plan) is a framework that’s customized entirely to YOUR business.

Focus on Leadership

Your pitch will evolve, your target audience will get refined, and your salespeople will LEAVE and new ones will come on board. The stability of your sales program is in the leadership you supply to it. You don’t need more bosses – making someone a manager will just make it top heavy, not more stable. What works is putting a salesperson in the same arena as a salesperson. We sense our own kind, and we respect it, and we cooperate for one reason – it brings in more closed deals. So get your salespeople a leader, not another boss.

Generalize – Don’t Specialize

You’ve head the phrase “a good salesperson can sell anything”. That’s almost true: a good salesperson can sell anything they BELIEVE in. More importantly, it’s not years selling the same thing a certain way that makes salespeople versatile and good. It’s years successfully selling DIFFERENT things in lots of DIFFERENT ways. VERSATILITY is the secret ingredient – the ability to generalize the principles of sales across multiple things we believe in. So don’t focus on the location, the industry, or the sales platform. Focus on what makes people great REGARDLESS of where they parachute in.

Salespeople Don’t Procrastinate

You shouldn’t, either. Take the next step, now. Use the contact button to schedule an initial consultation, and let’s make NOW the basis of bringing your business the clients it deserves.

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