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You Wouldn’t Do a Triathlon Without a Coach. Why Be Less Than Effective With Your Marketing?

In 50-minutes per week or per month, a digital strategy coach provides your business guidance in planning and implementing effective marketing strategy.

Doing it remotely saves travel time, costs, and lets people log in from home. All you need is a laptop with a camera & microphone.

Gain traction, achieve consistency, stay accountable, and make relentless progress without a lot of financial commitment, and no overwhelming doses.

You help set the course topics. Each month, we check in on what you want to cover or, if you prefer, we’ll take the lead!

marketing webinarsIt’s Not a Tech Thing

This is not full of geek speak. It’s for anyone who wants to grow their business with online marketing, who needs advice, direction, coaching, and questions answered. See/hear a 20-30 minute presentation, and the rest of the time is open for questions. You’ll uncover the best courses of action for you and your particular business, identify specific, actionable ways to improve, and find that you’re not alone.

When You’ve Got the Confidence To Do Some of It Yourself

You’ve seen those big box home improvement stores, where they have quick weekend classes to fix your own leaky faucet or patch a bit of plaster on your wall. You can learn that stuff from a book or a web site, but there’s something more productive about doing it with a trainer who can respond to *your* specific situation.

How Virtual Training Programs Work

  • Each virtual program consists of regularly scheduled live webinars and workshops, with option to access recorded versions.
  • Classes are supported by PDF downloadable guides.
  • Virtual provides highest cost-benefit.

So get on it!

Your marketing strategy has been leaky and needed patching long enough!

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