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Which Type of Involvement Do You Need?

Marketing Director

marketing director An external Marketing Director acts as your external Chief Marketing Officer – your e-CMO. This entails custom designing a marketing strategy that fits your unique business and sticking around to lead the implementation, evolve the plan based on audience response, push for momentum, and insist on measurable returns. Stakeholders and implementers meet weekly, for an hour. Don’t worry, if you don’t have all the bases covered. Part of what we’ll do is identify and fill any vacant needs. Throughout each week, as your team implements the marketing plan, there will be questions or they’ll run into hurdles. We’ll answer on chat or jump on a flash call to remove any barriers to implementation. That way your marketing isn’t waiting a week to get pressing questions answered. A marketing director focuses on growing customer engagement and involvement through marketing.

Sales Director

sales director An external Sales Director helps build out and maintain your Sales Program, and then guides your sales professionals to success, which translates into more straight-up revenue for your company. Built-in to the relationship is recruiting (as needed), ongoing sales coaching and leadership, and a focus on accountability and motivation for success. If you’ve gotten the cart before the horse (hiring salespeople and committing to an incentive plan before fleshing out the program), we can help get that back on track so it’s sustainable and profitable. Whether you’re building your first sales team or recovering from a false start or two, MadPipe is there to ensure someone is always driving your plan forward.

Digital Strategist

marketing strategist Sometimes you’re not yet ready to launch a marketing strategy. You’ve got some technical problems to solve first. If you want a new website, there are choices of platform, layout style, SEO decisions and design direction, each of which can affect how sustainable it is, and whether it’s truly useful as a marketing platform. If you’ve got processes to improve first, like tracking clients, staying on top of leads, and making one system talk to another easily, you’re probably a target for every vendor whose technical presentation is actually a sales pitch. I’ll stay with you through the process, interpret the proposals you’re getting, call out what’s missing that really needs to be included in the first round, and help you weed out attractive choices that may bite you back later. Digital strategy is all about how the technical solutions come together to solve human problems. Reach out to a human being who knows this stuff, and isn’t wedded to an answer in advance. Then let’s get the real answer – the one that matches what you’re trying to achieve.

Is Cost a Factor?

You bet it is, and it should be! No sound marketing advice ignores the balance of cost and effort. Every year, small businesses blow more funds than a small nation on wasted marketing efforts that are ill-considered, gimmicky, or have little return. Most of us are tired of seeing that. We can talk more but, for now, let’s just say that every dollar you spend on marketing will be better spent with a marketing strategist. Also, the cost for any of MadPipe’s ongoing services is a fraction of what it costs to pay an outsource shop for just one marketing campaign. We think the emphasis on sustainable marketing and strategic decision making will make you jump for joy!

So Take the Next Step

If you’re reading this, you want your marketing to get better. You want more business, and the ability to reach a wider audience when you run a campaign. Let’s not waste any more time getting you there!

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