Be the Thought Leader Your Business Needs

Thought Leadership CoachingA company can never outsource 100% of its marketing; it can’t even outsource the most critical responsibility, which falls not with any marketing person, but with the owner. That critical role is the role of ‘thought leader’.

Steve Pruneau explains what thought leadership really is, and how it shapes the direction of a business from marketing to operations, whether by its presence or absence. In his words, “YOU have to do it.”

Daniel DiGriz, Director of Strategy, at MadPipe, and a thought leadership coach in his own right, asks Steve to explode some of the myths around thought leadership and the substitutions we often insert in its place.

Steve and Daniel are also partners in a passionately growing startup called Free Agent Source, which is a management consulting firm made of independent consultants. Run your project on Free Agent Source, skip the powerpoint presentations, and just get it done.

Topics Include:

  • What a thought leader is
  • Why thought leadership is important
  • Why you can’t just hire one
  • How thought leadership differs from subject matter expertise
  • Multiple thought leaders in one company
  • Reproducing thought leadership in others
  • The E-myth and thought leadership
  • Conflicts with management culture

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