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Copywriter NYCYour business copy, web copy, and other content depend on the written word, even if it’s video or multimedia. Whether copy converts or leaves the audience feeling flat depends on getting into their headspace, with intuition. The missing piece in your content strategy might be enough to turn an otherwise compelling web or print presentation into a dud.

Jean Tang runs a content strategy and copywriting agency that works with big and small brands worldwide to distill a company’s brand tone and core message, then capture an audience’s attention with alluring, engaging copy.

Daniel DiGriz, Director of Digital Strategy at MadPipe, asks Jean about which comes first – copy or design, key problems with most marketing content, risk vs. comfort in your brand tone, and how to evaluate copywriters and their output.

Show Questions Include:

Does copy come first, before design?

What’s the lasting significance of copy in a multimedia world?

What are the key problems with most marketing content?

Am I really the best judge of my content?

Copywriters seem ubiquitous – by what criteria should I screen them?

How does a business owner navigate the risk of engagement vs. the comfort of conservative copy?

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