Craft a Website to Prioritize Your Business Goals

web designers nycYou aren’t a web designer, and you don’t need to be. You do need to make your web design adhere to your business objectives. That leads to an overall marketing strategy, which leads to content and a certain user experience that suggests a design. It may sound complicated, but it really isn’t; the conversation is about who your audience is, what you want them to do, and how we intend to engage them in that conversation.

Shayne Spencer is a web developer in New York City who delves into the essential criteria for delivering a visually stunning website that delights and converts potential customers. Shayne advises business owners and non-profits on how to think about design trends, competitors, mobile readiness, and strategy so that the resulting website is actually a marketing platform.

In this feature length show, Daniel DiGriz, Director of Digital Strategy at MadPipe, asks Shayne what elements companies and organizations should prioritize in the web design process, about nailing down user experience, and about changes in search engine optimization that affect what a website is designed to do.

Show Questions Include:

How to ensure a more effective web design process.

How to evaluate design trends, including fads & bandwagons.

How has SEO changed, or morphed into content, social, and PR?

How should we know what to pay for a website?

How to choose between a content management system like WordPress or a pure HTML site with no CMS.

The pros and cons of copying competitors.

How to prepare for the website design process.

How to navigate mobile options like a responsive site vs. a separate mobile site or mobile app.

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