Exploding Social Media Myths

laurie jamaitusSocial media is replete with doctrine and myth, but those are no substitute for actually *thinking* about your brand’s audience, goals, and intentions in social media.

We all know something about social, but at least part of what we ‘know’ is probably wrong. Likewise, “going in there blind” costs us opportunities and time.

Laurie Jamaitus, of Vetracom, manages social media and deploys brands into the social wild. Daniel DiGriz, external Marketing Director for hire, and Director of Strategy at MadPipe, asks Laurie to elucidate key points in social media strategy, and situates those into an overall digital marketing plan.

Topics Include:

  • “Doing” social media vs. portraying your business as a person
  • Being directly involved in your social media vs. avoiding contact
  • How the followers game tells your ‘real’ audience you’re fake
  • The elusive ROI in social and the flaw in A:B thinking
  • Social vs. sales/advertising = owning vs. renting
  • One size fits all rules vs. tailoring to your audience

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