Grow Beyond the Logo with Graphic Design

New York DesignersGraphic design can’t do its job in a vacuum. Design exists to unify the elements of our presentation, to elevate the conversation with the audience.

Too often, when we think of design, our minds go directly to getting a logo. But design is more important than that and, until we attach it to its proper role in our companies, even the logo won’t convey our message properly.

Pierre Janssen explains the role of design and how graphic design can reflect the intrinsic values of a company to change the end-user experience.

Daniel DiGriz, Director of Strategy at MadPipe, asks Pierre about the vetting designers and the role of design in both digital and traditional media.

Topics Include:

  • What designers do
  • How design is priced
  • How to screen designers
  • The relationship of designers to branding strategists / branding officers
  • Differences between digital and print
  • The hidden cost of cheap logos

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