Make Your Events Work Without Feeling Fake

Networking Events NYCEffective event marketing requires knowing how to carry yourself, when to give a pitch, when to pass, when to engage, and when to move on. Too often, a mixer can feel wooden an inauthentic. Networking groups often devolve into carrying around a stack of business cards and practicing your elevator pitch.

Ruanna Sakols knows when to hold ’em and fold ’em. She offers sensible advice for mingling and shaking at marketing events and networking events, whether you host them or merely attend.

Daniel DiGriz, Director of Strategy at MadPipe, asks Ruanna about competitors, braggarts, users and lonely hearts, as well as what to do with that giant stack of business cards.

Topics Include:

  • The criteria for a successful event
  • How to create synergy and flow
  • Optimal networking event behavior
  • Thought leadership and nail polish
  • What to do with your elevator pitch
  • Four common human hurdles
  • Picking events that will matter
  • How to trust the process

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