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Promotional Product ConsultantYour brand needs a home, but it doesn’t need to STAY home. A brand travels, from hand to hand, eyeball to eyeball, and through word of mouth. Promotional products are the vehicles on that brand marketing highway, but selecting the right product that fits the company ethos and the marketing purpose requires more than a drag and drop mentality.

Whitney Blam is a promotional products consultant in New York City who translates brand strategy and event goals into stunning promotional products for corporate and small business marketing. Whitney arranges everything from sourcing to full-on visceral experiences for the clients of her clients.

In this feature length show, Daniel DiGriz, Director of Digital Strategy at MadPipe, asks Whitney to help us get beyond the stereotype of promo products and think both inside and outside the box for reaching our audiences with our brands. If you host, sponsor, or get involved with event marketing or branded marketing, you need to hear this show.

Show Questions Include:

Can we get beyond pens and mugs?

What’s the most unusual promo product?

How do promo products fit into event marketing?

What is hardest to understand about promo products?

What about ethical sourcing and eco-products?

When does it make sense to get exclusive products?

What are the most interesting uses of promo products?

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